Thursday, April 21, 2005

Red is not my color

I started spotting last night.

It started out a really pale pinkish color, and only when I wiped, but it was there. Then, later on, I started passing these weird rubbery brownish blobs, which I found out later was the old Crinone gel that was in my whoo-ha (ewww.....)

I freaked out and called the RE. It took him two hours to call me back, which I was not happy about. He told me that it could be that my progesterone is low, or that my cervix is irritated from the Crinone gel (which he said was common), so he wanted me to go for "stat" progesterone bloodwork on Thursday, and come into the office Friday so he could check my cervix.

It got heavier today, though--now it's bright red, and I'm wearing a pad. I'm also crampy. It feels like I have a light period.

I talked to Nursey P this morning, and she said that it could be implantation spotting (I'm 10 days past a three day transfer--10dp3dt for you IF acronym junkies), which I doubt, because why would it be this heavy?-or it could be that my progesterone is low, and I need more. She kinda made me feel better by saying that I'm doing everything I can right now, and that the bleeding isn't my fault, but I sure don't feel that way right now.

I called this afternoon for my blood results, and the office was closed--ARRGH! They apparently closed today at 11:30-what the FUCK!? Why the hell get up at the butt-crack of dawn to get to the lab for "stat" bloodwork if the fucking RE's office isn't open to get the results? What good is that for me, who's waiting none too patiently to see if I need more drugs? I left a message with the service, telling them that I wanted someone to call me back with my results. I can't wait until tomorrow-I'll kill someone before then.

Please God, PLEASE don't let this be the beginning of my period. Please, give Zippy and Zappa (yes, we named them-I'm a dork, I know) a fighting chance. Please don't evict them yet.

Please, for my sanity, hear me.


vixanne wigg said...

You have been through A LOT in the last week. I am hoping with you. Let us know how it goes. :( I hope it's okay.

cat said...

You are in my prayers darling. I hope they call you back asap!