Thursday, September 07, 2006

8dp3dt-To Test, Or Not To Test-That Is The Question

Well, here we are, at 8dp the transfer. I'm feeling good today. It's also a full moon tonight, which will mean that the kids at school will be off the wall (I have Killer Kenny tomorrow morning-can't wait!). Now, I'm not sure about how the moon affects cycles exactly (perhaps someone can give me the Moon Cycle 101 on that), but I'm feeling much more positive.

That, and the fact that Cat owns a candle shaped like a cooter-I LOVE you! But, people, it's not a favor from a porn party or anything, it's a fertility candle, so keep your panties on (although, I do think it's weird that the candle should burn out within three days-perhaps it's not a coincidence?). Anyone who has one of those is my hero, that's for sure!

Really, though, I seem to be a chickenshit about testing. Do I want to put myself in a shitty mood for the weekend, knowing that I'm going for a beta that is going to be negative anyway? Or, perhaps the peestick will be positive, and I'll be a nervous wreck about it all weekend, thinking "What if it ends up being a chemical? What if I miscarry again?" Plus, I have an audition on Sunday, which is beta day.....what if I get the call during the audition? That'll not be good.

So, it's difficult to open that box of peesticks and get on with it. But, as they say, curiosity killed the cat, so I'm sure I'll end up doing it as some point.

Because I'm just a glutton for punishment.


Nickie said...

that IS a big question. I say don't test and keep moving forward assuming you are pg cause you probably are. Besides at 8dp3dt the line is likely to be light since it's early and that will just stress you too.

what's the audition for? sounds like fun. I sure hope you don't get the call until after the audition is over.

VanillaDreams said...

Well, I am a POAS addict, so ummm, my vote would be to TEST, TEST, TEST!!!! LOL

But yeah, that's just me. ;)

If it's any help at all (which it probably isn't) I started testing at 6dp3dt for my August FET, which produced a positive HPT by 8dp3dt.

Having experienced in the past positive HPT's, positive betas, miscarriage, and failed FET's, I can honestly say that I MUCH prefer to know in advance, whether it is positive or negative. I would hate to have the clinic call me with the news if I had no inkling as to what to expect.

For my April FET which was a massive failure, I'm glad I tested everyday -- it meant by the time the beta results came back at negative, I was much more "well adjusted" about the whole thing. Sad still, of course, but I had gotten all the major emotions out of the way.

For my August FET I had very little hope that anything would happen at all, and was actually starting to feel quite depressed about the whole cycle until a faint positive showed at 8dp.

So, take from that what you will! Good luck with your decision, and good luck with this cycle. :)

All the best,

KIMMER said...

Well, I'm an addict too, so I can't tell you not too. I do hope that if you do test that your punishment will be a big ole fat positive. Thinking of you my friend...

Watson said...

The waiting must be HELL!

Whatever you decide, good luck, and keep us posted.


ilyse said...

Good luck tomorrow Stef!!!

Shelli said...

don't test - and you know me, I'm a PEE A HOLIC.

But don't test - and don't answer your cell phone until after the audition.

or unless it's me.