Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Day of Reckoning

It's beta day. I went in this morning for the blood draw. It was busy there today, so I had to wait awhile.

I already know it's negative, so it was just a formality. Why, you ask? Because I tested this morning, before I left. One pink line-that's all. Yeah, I caved. I wasn't going to, originally, but I wanted to know so I could have some peace of mind.

That doesn't mean that it doesn't suck any less, but that I'm more accepting of it. I kinda had the feeling that it didn't work-it wasn't any one thing, but something was telling me that the test would be negative.

Of course, the fucking FRER'r could be wrong, and they are testing at 11dp3dt, so it could be a low beta, but I doubt it-it's easier to accept that it's negative rather than giving myself false hope, at this stage.

So, I'm off in about a half-hour for my audition-I'll give another update later when I get home with all the news......


Jessica said...

We're all here for you, screw that FRER. I wish,pray,hope... for a miracle for you. Love you.

Nickie said...

hope the audition goes well. and I'll hold onto hope for you that you'll be happily surprised with the beta.

ilyse said...

Awww S, I'm praying that the hpt was wrong. (((hugs)))

Shelli said...

oh sweetie - fingers still crossed, but just in case,

ah shit - come on over for sushi and wine.


And we could use some "doors' for the lower bookcases, if'n ya'll need to help pay for the next transfer... just a thought.

vixanne wigg said...

I hope you're wrong and it is positive. I'm still crossing my fingers for you.

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers today.


Dana said...

So sorry Stef!! HUGS!!

Meg said...

Oh S, that's crap crap crap.

Hope you're doing ok.