Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Bitch is Back

AF arrived at approximately 1:30 this morning, and is promptly kicking my ass all over the house.

It's really heavy, so far. I had to put in extra large bullets in, which I normally never do, since I went through a regular bullet in two hours. Yuck. The show tonight should be interesting. I hate having my period during a show-I feel so gross and nasty.

Otherwise, everything's okay. I feel a bit better-still kinda down, but okay. Maybe it was the hormones. Who knows.


Shelli said...

eek! Glad your costume is ALL WHITE.


Can you wear like, oh, 35 paqirs of underwear, and bike shorts on top of that?



BE FEIRCE! Will you get a copy of the DVD at all? If so, we'll ahve to have a drunken viewing party. before you can't drink for 9 months, that is :)

cat said...

Oh *snap* if you get that dvd i'll make margaritas! ;)

Hope your shows went ok this weekend.