Thursday, September 22, 2005

What the fuck!?

I'm on cycle day 32, and still no sign of a period, nor do I feel like it's coming on yet. I'm not sure how fucked up my period is due to the miscarriage-I started bleeding on 8/22, and I thought that I ovulated around day 16 (admittedly, I didn't chart or use the monitor this month-why bother, right?), soooo.......I should have gotten my period on Tuesday, right? But, nothing yet.

And no, I refuse to pee on an evil stick-why get my hopes up, when it will be late showing up? Maybe, if it doesn't show by next week, I'll do it, but there's no point, really.

If anyone can tell me if your cycle after a miscarriage gets messed up, I'd be grateful....

I hate that my life revolves around my menstrual cycle. I hate having to even ask these questions. It sucks.

BTW, anyone see what's going on at Fertility Friend? That just blows. I got the VIP membership last year, but a lot of my buddy group didn't have the membership, and we refused to get seperated. I'm not saying that asking for $$ is right or wrong, but the whole way that they went about it was wrong. Plus, it was really starting to get constraining, what with all the censorship going on. I used to be part of a site called Babymed (now a part of Web MD) that was free, then once they merged with Web MD it became a pay for membership site, but at least they gave their members some advance warning. It's unfortunate, because a lot of women use those boards for support, and now they're screwed.....

Well, here's a shameless plug for you. One of the women in my buddy group has a genius computer husband and they decided to open a free site (yes, again, it's FREE) for posting. It's called Fertility Family, and if you're on FF and want to continue posting with your various buddy groups, go there. It's awesome, and again, IT'S FREE!!!

I have the site on my links section, so you can click there.



Heather said...

Yup. You'll find me over on Fertility Family

cat said...

Fert. Family is cool and we can say bad words there too!

Yep, cycles can be a mess after a miscarriage. After all three this was the experience. Long a wierd for at least one cycle after. Hope that helps.

Shelli said...

most cycles after m/c are F'd up. So sorry sweetie.


just had to say that my magic word below is almost like Fashizzle! :)