Sunday, September 11, 2005

Busy Little Beaver

That's me.

It's been really busy, what with school starting and rehearsals going. The kids are okay, there's just a lot of them-and I mean a LOT. What with working during the day and then running to Red Bank and rehearsing all night, I just about come home and crash.

Today's Sean's birthday, so we went out to breakfast this morning (he's working tonight-it's NYC Fashion Week and he usually freelances for it) and had some birthday nookie. Other than that, there's not much else going on (not like that isn't enough going on, right!?)

Infertility still sucks.

That's all-I need to nap now.


Shelli said...

have a nap for me dear - I spent all day cleaning - but I thought of Sean and I always think of you.

I'm organizing a group to come see the show Saturday nite - so far it's me, Narda, and Dawn. I'm hoping Cat can come, too!


cat said...

Happy Birthday Sean! :)

Hope the kids are not trying to kill you just yet. Sending you both love.

betty said...

Yeah it still sux. I always think of you when I say that now!