Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Hate People

Well, everyone-we have now entered day three of birth control pills. And the fun has certainly begun.



Itchy boobs.

Wanting to rip your husband's testicles off because he can't understand why you don't want to light the oven to make Texas Toast with dinner. (Because I said so, dammit-don't argue with me-I keel you!)

Staying upstairs to avoid aforementioned husband so as not to detach his testicles, just in case we need them again. Plotting revenge for dinner (in fact, I was in the middle of cooking when he started bitching about the bread, and I threw the frying pan across the stove and announced that he could "make his own fucking dinner") that I did not eat. Thanks, babe.

I feel like I'm on a slippery slope between sanity and going absolutely raving, barking mad. Like, if someone gave me the stinkeye, I'd probably be arrested for assault. And I'm not even overexaggerating-I can't be trusted not to freak out right now.

Nurse Blondie called this morning and let me know that I begin my Lupron on August 1st, which will be adding even more fun and games in the hormonal department. I think I'm going to get a t-shirt made with a disclaimer, just in case-it's better to be safe than sorry (or incarcerated).

This just sucks. It sucks that I even have to do this. It sucks to be not in control with my emotions.

I hate everyone today (not you guys-you GET it). Let's hope tomorrow will be better.


KIMMER said...

It does suck, really bad. But, in the end if you take home a grand prize or two it will be totally worth it.
Sorry about the evil pills...
Wishing you tons of success with this cycle also!

Betty said...

Oh mate those mood swings are a killer. I'm a gonal hormonal at the moment so I know just how you feel. Poor husbands, don't they cop a lot from us! Keep away from him you might need those testicles!!

Meg said...

Bugger you guys don't get to do natural FETS in the states; you'd be cruising...

Best wishes for your husband and his testicles.

S said...

Ohhh, I wish that I could do another natural FET-I LOVED it.

Of course, since I did end up m/c afterwards, perhaps I shouldn't love it as much as I just said.

Good mood today.....let's hope it lasts!!!

And, yes Betty-I will keep away from the 'nads, just in case :)

Kimmer, you're right-the evil pills suck large hairy moose balls.

Anna said...

Yeah, trying to have a child this way pretty much bites. The good news is that if you're successful, this was all be a happy memory and actually feel totally worth it. The problem is, no one is guaranteed to be successful, so the whole wait sucks horrendously. I didn't think it would ever work, and then we tried donor eggs - apparently that was the key. Now? Yep, totally worth it. Those obscene mood swings on Lupron have now become funny stories (although at the time hubs & I had a horrible fight and I was completely irrational. Good times...)

Hang in there on these damned hormones and I so hope this cycle will be successful for you - Best wishes! (And fingers crossed!)

Shelli said...

fuck them all!

love you,

Manuela said...

Itchy boobs??? Never heard of THAT side effect before... how freaking annoying

Maya said...

I have so been there before. I hope you get through this okay.