Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Moodswing Pendulum

Whoo-hoo......gotta love those hormones. I am feeling better today, though-at least, so far. Mood swings are like tornados-you don't get much warning before it hits. And, woe is anyone who stands in its path *drawing finger across throat*.

And, yeah Manuela-itchy boobs. Right around the nipple. For some reason, it always happens when I take the Pill-I remember that happening, as well as a feeling of soreness and fullness (which hasn't happened yet), when I first went on the Pill back in college. And, since it's not exactly socially acceptable to scratch your tits in public, it's a testament of willpower not to have my hands in my bra constantly. *sigh* I think I saw a porno like that once......*nod to Cleolinda's parody of HP&POA-read it here if you've seen the movie and want to pee your pants*

It's weird about this FET-some people know that we're doing it, and they want to talk about it whenever I'm around (like M), and I really have no desire to discuss any of it. Not because I'm not glad we're moving forward, but I'm trying to have the mindset that if I don't think about it, perhaps it will actually work. Stupid, I know, but I'm just tired about talking about my reproductive organs all the time. There's more than that to me, dammit! I actually told M yesterday that "my reproductive organs are not up for discussion today". And I don't give a rat's ass if she was offended or not. I'm just getting weary of being defined by whether or not I'm able to have children. So, perhaps that's the rationale behind not discussing it. That, and the more people that don't know what's going on, the less pressure there is on us.

And that's a very good thing, let's face it.


Meg said...

S.. It actually sounds really rational and sane to me... but then I think anything would sound sane in comparison to me right now.

Glad to hear things are progressing ok. Itchy boobs. How irritating (literally, ho ho ho)

Twisted Ovaries said...

I've told no one for this cycle. I figure the pity should it go wrong (again)? Not so interesting.

Manuela said...

hmmm.... why not line your bra with a loofah and then you can just wriggle a bit when they itch!


S said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! I love you Manuela-what a GREAT idea!

Thalia said...

I've never had the itchy nipples, but I do get unbelievably painful nipples on hcg, so perhaps it all evens out. I like manuela's suggestion!