Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Murphy's Law

My AC adaptor died on the cracktop last night. It's not even a year old, and it just went. So, I apprehensively got onto the Dell website to see what could be done. I say "apprehensively" because I've heard horror stories about Dell's customer service. In fact, as I was discussing having to contact the company, Sean replied, "Well, say hello to India for me when you get through". *Sigh*

So, up the stairs I trundled to the six year old Gateway desktop in the office upstairs. Old Faithful, we used to call it, until about three months ago, when it decided to have a nervous breakdown and couldn't be booted up. I got online with the cracktop with Gateway, and a nice lady told me that the problem was Windows XP, and it needed to be reinstalled. But, I asked, will I lose all my data? Nay, she replied, nothing would be lost. So, I dug out the CD and reinstalled XP.

And promptly lost 6 years worth of files. My lesson plans, photos, music (some of which was school related), all gone, Buh-bye. Don't let the door hit ya in the ass.

So, that nice twathole lady lied out of her snatch. Bitch. I hope she gets crabs.

Needless to say, I've been having to reinstall everything-my printer, Microsoft Office (Student/Teacher Edition), NIS 05, Firefox, and it's been a drag. Especially NIS, since I bought it as a download-I had to contact Symantec and beg for a new download. But, I'm lucky it's sort of up and running, because I needed to get a hold of someone at Dell, at one this morning (after finally fixing the desktop). They were very nice, actually. Turns out my adaptor is defective, they're sending me a new one, free of charge, and it should be here within three days or so.

Whew. I can't live without the crack-top. Sitting in the office sucks-I feel really isolated.

The upside is that I finally got the gumption to really clean the office out-went through old files, threw a lot of crap out, cleaned out and reorganized the closet, vacuumed the rug (Peaches wasn't too happy about that one). It looks spick and span. At least until we start piling up crap again.

Happy 4th!


Shelli said...

it's Symantec!

Norton is the DEVIL! I've had to re-install system software because of it too.

use disk warrior instead.

Shelli said...

oh, eek. sorry - MAC only - but see if there's another one out there - NORTON SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS

and will slowly kill your computer.

ilyse said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about all those lost files!! That is good that you cleaned out the office though.