Saturday, February 10, 2007

2dp3dt-Groundhog Day

Did'ja ever see the movie "Groundhog Day", when Bill Murray relives the same day over and over? I kind of feel that way right now.

Sore, angry boobies? Check.

Can't seem to stay awake past 10pm? Check.

Sudden urges to rip Sean's penis off? Check.

Feeling like a fat, bloated pig? Check.

The lovely oil slick that has suddenly appeared on my skin? Check.

Yeah, it's the same old story, different cycle. However, I feel more hopeful this time around. It's probably because that this is the last of the bunch, but still............I'm starting to let that auld girl Hope in for a stay.

Thanks for the suggestions, btw-I think that tomorrow afternoon I'm going to make a run to my local bookstore and stock up on some trashy books. I've been tempted to re-read Anne Rice's The Witching Hour, but I'm still on the fence with that. And, I'm going to indulge myself with a Moose Munch Bar that's been sitting in my purse since Wednesday (I KNOW-the willpower!). I've also found a somewhat trashy series on Sundance to watch: Ladettes to Ladies. A bunch of British twenty-something "free spirits" (aka wild 'ho's) who engage in a Survivor-type contest by going to a chi-chi finishing school in order to see who can get "cultured" the quickest. The first episode featured them going to a dinner party with eligible public school types, getting drunk and screwing around with the boys. Just up my alley.

Now, if it could only fill the next 8 days or so, I'll be happy.


Anna said...

If you can get a hold of the original series of Coupling, either on BBC America or ordering it online, it's great and will definitely help the time pass. I'm really hoping for all the best on this one. I really would love for this to work for you and Sean. Everything crossed!

S said...

oooh......Coupling-I LOVE that series! I'll have to check if it's on Netflix, unless I'm lucky and it's OnDemand thru BBC America.....

Lut C. said...

Can you believe I had deja-vue reading this post? ;-)

Coupling: Season 1 & 2 are safe. 3 is not. Just so you know.

Thalia said...

Ah, Ladette to Lady. A woman after my own heart. The best bit is the reunion show after the second season where one of them comes back with her baby - born out of wedlock of course. Priceless.

Kimmer said...

Hoping this is the cycle for you!

Nickie said...

The Sundance series sounds perfect! Not sure how into dance you are, but I started watching Dancelife on MTV. Just enough drama to go with the dancing. It's a reality show about young up-and-coming dancers in LA. It's produced by JLo.

I say let the bitch called Hope in and run with it! Please, oh please, let it not be in vain!!!