Saturday, February 17, 2007

9dp3dt-Progesterone is Evil

Or, as Sean likes to call them, "The Little White Pills of Despair and Insanity"

I am a fat, bloated mess. I two lovely zits on my face that are the size and consistency of Mt. Etna. I also have a lovely spread of acne on my CHEST. Ugh, how gross. Let's not even go to the nasty place of swollen, sore titties; suffice it to say that I'm in the running to be the next Anna Nicole (minus the lack of intelligence, blonde hair-dye obvious addiction to SOMETHING and penchant for weird men). The constant cramping/aching feeling, especially on my right groin side-what joy. Oh, yeah-the constant peeing and sudden lack of self control when it comes to food doesn't make friends and influence people either.

All attributed to progesterone-that lovely steroid hormone that mimics every potential pregnancy symptom and plays havoc with our bodies and fucks with our minds. It's better than eating magic mushrooms...NOT.

(Not that I know anything about magic mushrooms.....nope......I have NO idea what that feels like....never tried 'em..)


You have all talked me down from the ledge, so thank you (especially Thalia, you walking medical dictionary, you....MWAH!!). I do realistically know that it's way too early to get a positive HPT-I mean, the one and only time I got a BFP on one of those nasty things I was around 12dp5dt, so around 17 dpo.....and the beta the next day was at 37, so......It really isn't reasonable to get anything on an HPT now, especially if FET betas tend to have lower numbers than fresh cycles. Still, it's hard not to pee on anything resembling a litmus test strip right now. And yes, I have been peeing still, and nothing yet. I know that it doesn't mean anything, but I need to be prepared, so I don't ruin my entire holiday weekend assuming I'm knocked up and then getting the emotional blow on Monday, just in time to go back to work the next day.

So, that's where I stand right now. I think that today I'm going to do a little retail therapy (although why, since I can't really fit into my clothes well, is beyond me), and tonight Sean and I are going out to dinner with friends. Then church tomorrow, and perhaps a movie.....

Then Monday-beta day.

Ergh...........this whole thing just sucks.


Kristy said...

I hate the stuff too, but it will be worth it in the end :) Hope the weekend flies by for you and I will be thinking about you on Monday for your Beta!

Anna said...

Oooooh, I'm keeping everything crossed for Monday's beta. I'm so sorry you're a mess; you betcha, progesterone is awfully evil.

What movie are you thinking about seeing tomorrow? Hang in there!

Lut C. said...

Can't type - eating. Progesterone induced binge in progress. ;-)

Thalia said...

I loathe the progesterone-induced spots. Totally a case of adding insult to injury. I hope you get to enjoy the weekend, it sounds like a good time to have a three-day break.

Susana said...

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