Monday, February 12, 2007


Today I had to go back to work. Of course it wasn't the easiest of days, since Killer Kenny had to flip out during class and decide to crawl on tables and punch kids, but I managed to get through the day without too much stress. I refused to let it get to me.

Since we're in the middle of Black History Month, we had an assembly this morning by a group that performed African drum music and dance (actually, the members of the group were related to our Vice Principal-his sisters, brothers, mother and young nephews-and I mean was three and one was about 7), which the kids loved. As part of the assembly, they explained some geography about the continent, and stressed respect for elders, and the principles of African culture.

One of those concepts was about Aje (pronounced "Ah-zhay"). It was explained to the children as a manifestation of energy that people have, and when the word is spoken out loud, it's sending that energy, and your intention, forth to do your will, and that what you want will happen for you-that's how powerful the word is. It sent a bit of a shiver down my spine when he explained its meaning.

So, curious about this, I came home this afternoon and did a Google search on it. I didn't get a whole lot, surprisingly, but I did find this, so if you're interested, read away (or, if you know any more details about it, do share). What resonated to me about this article was the discussion that aje is a state of spiritual empowerment, is inherent in women, and represents life; more specifically, reproduction. Creating life.

It really resonated with me today, for some reason. It was if someone put a hand on my shoulder and just gave it a squeeze, to reassure me. To tell me that, perhaps I will make it through this after all. That my 5 years of barreness might soon be ending. That there is hope, as long as I believe and trust.

And I, along with 500 children, sent my energy forth to the winds to make my intentions known.


Anonymous said...

Was just googling 4dp3dt and ran into your blog and wanted to sendu baby dust. I had transfer friday and today is (4dp3dt) first day back to work.

Shelli said...

aje aje aje!

Watson said...

I am here at my desk saying
Aje over and over again, sending it YOUR way!

Good luck with this cycle, I love that you seem hopeful. I am hopeful for you too!


cat said...


That's an amazing amount of power a room full of children sending your will out into the universe. May your message be received loudly and clearly. *hugs*