Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Budding Thespians are Everywhere!

I started my camp today. I direct/musical direct a children's theater workshop during the month of July. We've got a pretty good group, so far. There's this one girl, in particular, who is so talented-I mean, like she-should-get-an-agent talented. I haven't heard her sing yet (that will be tomorrow), but HOLY SHIT! And, she's only 10 years old!

I was talking to one of the moms today (her son was a former camper and is now a counselor, and she's on the board of this theater group) and our producer, who I teach with, and we were talking about my schedule because of the RE, and she (her name is Sue) was concerned, thinking something was wrong, so I gave her a brief synopsis of my reproductive situation. Turns out, she had problems conceiving all her kids, did IUI's, was on clomid, and had a lap, so she totally knew what I was talking about. Then, she told me who her doctor was, and it's the same doc my friend goes to (the one that has the 26 lb 14 month old that looks like a two year old)-small world, huh?

I talked to Nursey P this morning to make sure that they got all my bloodwork results, and she told me that my progesterone came back at 17.5, which is apparently really good. Beats the shit out of me, but she sounded really positive on the phone. She said that the natural cycle is, as of now, a "go" and we just have to wait until I get my period, which should be probably on Sunday. Then, I wait to ovulate nautrally, and five days after that we'll transfer two totsicles in and hope for the best.

I have rehearsal every weeknight from now on, which kinda sucks. There's a lot of waiting around, which I don't like-it would be one thing if I were being paid to wait around, which I'm most definitely not. This production seems to be really disorganized. Yesterday was the first time I've actually seen the stage manager at rehearsal, and we started about four weeks ago-apparently she was SM'ing another show (which was already running and didn't have brush-ups, so where was she?) and doing who-knows-what else. So, the director is running around like a maniac, doing two jobs and being constantly being pulled away to look at costumes, the MD is really laid-back, which he's paying for now that he's realized that none of the orphans or chorus really know their music, and now he's trying to crack the whip, which isn't working. Then you got all the pissed-off people (rightly so) who are sitting around for literally two hours until they can run their scene/song, and then by that time it's so late that they barely get through it once.......*sigh*..........gotta love community theater.

Boy, I really REALLY hope this show doesn't suck.

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Shelli said...

we'll come see it! just let us know where and when!