Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why Can't People get their Heads out of their Asses?

Today certainly seems like the day that people are getting the insurance shaft. Cat mentioned in her blog today that she's been dealing with half-assed insurance reps and admins in the RE's office all week, so I think that it's contagious or something. Dealing with insurance and dim-witted personnel really sends me over the edge-granted, Cat's drama has been a week-long event (sorry, girl-I hope it straightens out for you), and mine just a day-outing in comparison, but I've been there in the past, and it really blows.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the IF clinic that Dr. Vest uses for procedures (a pretty well-known one here in NJ) giving a breakdown of the prices for my FET, and "requiring" me to sign the forms and leave a copy of my credit card on the day of the procedure to process the charges on. Huh? I've got insurance, we've got a mandate for infertility coverage in NJ-wtf? Plus, I don't have $5300 in my bank account just waiting to be spent-if I had that much money, sorry to say, my first thought wouldn't be "hey, let's spend it on infertility!". Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper when I read that

Since my district conveniently changed my insurance coverage as of 7/1 (from Oxford to Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield) and also quite conveniently forgot to send me a benefits book, I had to call the insurance company to go through my benefits. The first rep I got on the phone was obviously new. The reason I could tell was because they constantly put you on hold to "check" on something (ie. checking with a more experienced rep) before they give you a definite answer (I know this because I was once one of those inexperienced reps-I worked in a customer service call center for health insurance for about 7 years). So, just because I've been burned before, I explain the need for exact wording and ask to speak to a senior rep or a supervisor, who she transfers me to.

The senior rep was very pleasant. She went through everything covered, and even went through everything the clinic sent me, saying it was all covered under the mandate. I asked her for something in writing, and she regretfully (or so I interpreted) tells me that she can't mail or fax anything, but sets up something in the computer and gives me a reference number, telling me that I could give it to the clinic as verification (it documented my call and what the rep told me).

I called the board of ed office and spoke to the payroll person, asking what happened to my book. She tells me that I should have gotten one at the benefits meeting. I tell her that we were told that we were not required to go to the benefits meeting, unless we had specific questions. So I ask her to send me a book, and she says that I can pick it up at the central office. *grumble*. It's really not a big deal (it's three blocks from my house), but it's the principle of it. Bitch.

Finally, I call the clinic back, trying to get the collections manager on the phone, who is a real bitch on wheels. I've dealt with her before (on the whole cryopreservation thing) and she just isn't nice AT ALL. I know that it's her job and all, but, she's dealing with women who are, for the most part, pumped up on hormones. I'm surprised that she hasn't had her life threatened, car keyed or tires slashed yet. Of course, she was on the phone, so I leave a voicemail message (which she tends to not respond to) stating that I got her letter, spoke to my insurance and that I had some questions. That was almost three hours ago. I seriously doubt that she stays past 5 o'clock. Which means that the drama will pick up again tomorrow morning.

The FET is scheduled for 9:30 EST on July 30th, barring any insurance or thawing issues.

Only 40 and a half hours to go. I hate waiting.


Suz said...

Me too. Waiting is not a good thing. I'll be thinking good thoughts for your FET.

Shelli said...

oh sweetie - senidng you GOOD, CALM vibes for insurance.

if not, I have a bat or two I can use..... snicker...