Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday ramblings

Yeah, I've been a slacker lately, but, honestly, I've hardly been home this week.

We opened on Friday night-so far, the run is going well, and we've had good, responsive audiences, so that's cool.

However, I've decided that Di-VA (the chickie playing Nancy) is a drippy cunt bag-WHAT A BITCH! Holy shit!

She constantly complains about shit- her body mike, other castmates "pulling focus" during her scenes (uh, that's called "acting", sweetie), everything. The opening night audience was a bit dead in the beginning, but perked up later on. I had mentioned that and Di-VA says "well, they weren't for ME-they were clapping even before I finished my number" Whoope-de-fucking-do for you! Urgh-I hate people like that. She's constantly "one-upping" everyone, telling us how she's a model, she's getting her Actor's Equity card soon, that she's done pagents. I feel sorry for her in a way-she must be really insecure to feel the need to do things like that, but boy, it's starting to piss me off.

Last night, some friends of the people playing the Sowerberry's (if you know the story, they're the undertakers) came, and were hooting and hollering during the numbers (slightly obnoxious, but I think that that livened up the audience), and Di-VA complained to the SM that they "threw her" during her number, because they were talking. So the SM gets someone from the box office (the president of the group) and the producer (Cunt Rag) to go to them and shut them up. The guy playing Sowerberry gets a text message that someone told them that a cast member complained that they were too rowdy and they should quiet down. He (the guy) was so upset-I don't blame him. Personally, it didn't matter to me at all, I didn't mind them. They even made them a banner and held it up during curtain call-but Di-VA did. The ironic thing was, during curtain call they were whooping it up for every role, but hers. Sowerberry talked to the director later and told her that he was really upset about it, and that if the group kept that crap up, they won't have an audience to play for, nor will they have actors that will audition for them (which he's right). So, drama abounds yet again.

In other news, I FINALLY got a "high" on my handy-dandy ClearPlan Fertility Monitor yesterday morning. Hopefully that means that I'll ovulate within the next few days or so. I'm afraid that if I ovulate too late (if my cycle is longer than 30 days this month) they'll cancel the FET for this month, so y'all better do some white voodoo to make sure that it's still on.

Buddy the cat decided to use the corner of the living room carpet yesterday afternoon as his personal pee-pee palace, which wasn't fun. We had this cute carpet teepee there, and he just went to town all over it. Sean was livid, because Buddy has a habit of doing this-weirdly enough, it's always in the summertime. Maybe it's because I'm home more than during the school year, I dunno. Sean did a half-assed job of cleaning it, so Buddy did it again this morning, so I had to get up early (went to bed around 2), go to the Pathmark, get white vinegar, baking soda and pet accident cleaner shit and try to undo the damage, since it soaked through to the padding. Yuck. I cleaned it as best as I could, and the vet had told us to put a bowl of dry food there (they won't piss where they eat, according to the vet), so let's just hope that does the trick.

I've got more goodies to report, but it's time to shower and go to my matinee. Be back later


Shelli said...

You were an AWESOME Widow Corney, and Buddy rocks!

cat said...

Glad your show is going well too bad that woman has to be such a Di-Va.

That bowl of food should steer him away from pissing in the same spot again good luck!