Saturday, July 30, 2005


Transfer day went, amazingly, very smoothly.

I got to the clinic at 9:30 sharp. Unfortunately, I had to wait an hour until I went downstairs to the area that they do the transfers/retrievals. Because it was a Saturday, they were short staffed, so there was only one nurse there today doing everything (she was very nice, btw). Not fun when you have a full bladder. But, Dr. Vest came to check on me twice and let me know that everything looked okay.

I love Dr. Vest, by the way. He can be a little scatterbrained at times, but he is so attentive to his patients. I especially notice this at the clinic he uses, because the RE's there are very wham-bam-thankyou-ma'am kind of people. They're not very friendly to their patients.

The embryologist had to defrost all three of my embryos, because they were frozen together in "straws" of three, and he was supposed to re-freeze one (yeah, you can do that-cool, huh?) and do Assisted Hatching on the other two (where they put a small hole, with a laser, into the shell of the embryo to help it "hatch" out and implant easier). Unfortunately, the third embie didn't survive the thaw, which means, if this doesn't work, we have to start all over again with surgery, injections and retrievals, which sucks. But, perhaps that is what's meant to be-if it didn't survive the thaw who would've said that it would survive in the womb?

They prepped me, and brought me into the room. I expected to be in the operating room, which was where I was the last time, but was taken instead to a "transfer room", which looked like an ordinary exam room. I realized then that because I had such bad OHSS, they had to do it in the OR because they had to drain the fluid out of my abdomen first. Silly me. I forgot. But, I digress.

They get me draped and settled down on the table, and Dr. Vest comes in. He tells me that it won't hurt (yeah, riiiight, I've heard THAT before) . They had to do a "run-through" with inserting the catheter into my uterus, which I totally didn't feel (yay, he was right!). Then the embryologist came in with the catheter containing my blastocysts, and Dr. Vest inserted them in and whoosh-done! No problems, no pain, nuttin. The nice nursey puts me on a stretcher and brings me back to my bed, where I relaxed and read for an hour, then left. I've been a little crampy since then, but nothing extremely painful, just like something's been poked at down there. Then again, it's probably due to the metal speculum he used, with no lube (apparently, lube can damage the embies)-yeah, can you say OUCH.

So it seems like today was the easiest part. Now the dreaded two week wait (2WW) has begun. Although, it shouldn't be two weeks, maybe only 9 days or so, since I'm already five days past ovulation (5DPO). They told me to come in for a beta pregnancy test on 8/12, but I'll call Nursey P on Monday to make sure that's right, because it doesn't add up. I just have to resist the urge to obsess over every single twinge and resist peeing on anything that's not nailed down.

Did I mention I hate waiting?

I'm going to assume that I'm Pregnant Until Proved Otherwise (P.U.P.O. for short), because it's better on my mental state. I'm trying to stay positive and just take it easy. At this point, it's either gonna happen, or not.

But, I have a feeling that it will be a hard-fought battle.


betty said...

Glad to hear your transfer went well, here's hoping for good news. I am having a transfer tomorrow...yipee!! So together we can be P.U.P.O!

Suz said...

Happy it went well and have my fingers crossed for you!!

Shelli said...

are you doing progesterone dear? just curious.

THis is SOOOOO awesome! I'm so excited, adn will be counting the days with you.


S said...

Nope, no progesterone support, no drugs at all, as a matter of fact.

Dr. Vest seems to think that because my hormones are good that I don't need it-I'd rather not, to be honest....I'm more psychotic on them.....