Saturday, July 02, 2005

Why fondue is better than a colonic cleansing

I caved last night and took a Bonine tablet before we went out to dinner. That weird rocking feeling has faded a bit-I read on the Net that taking motion sickess tablets could help......well, it did!

We went with my friend M and her sorta-kinda "friend" (she's not looking to rush into things, especially with the whole divorce, which I don't blame her for, since her soon-to-be-ex is a total asshole) Sexy Josh.....well, that's what I call him-he's got a great voice, especially over the phone...he'd probably do well as a phone-sex operator-for fondue last night. Yummy yummy. But of course, it's lethal the next day (or within a few hours, depending on what you get). I swear I think that I shit out everything I ate on the boat as well as dinner last night. At least I won't have a pooch in my hottie bathing suit now.

I went for my progesterone bloodwork this morning-there's a new Quest lab that opened that's two miles from my house. I got there and it was DEAD, so I was in and out in about 10 minutes (including paperwork processing). I think I found my new favorite place for bloodwork-the hours are better, the place is nice, and it's closer for work. Woot!

Today we're going to the shore to stay with friends until Monday-the friends that got married last year up in Vermont. We're all getting together to hang, eat, and watch the fireworks from the beach, which is cool. Then, I start camp on the 6th, as well as rehearsals again for "Oliver" which is in three weeks-yikes! I can't believe it's already July. Now it's just the waiting game until the old whore AF shows up, then it's FET time.........should be an interesting few weeks, huh?

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