Friday, July 15, 2005

Queen of the Stirrups

OK, I really am getting the feeling that this show is really going to be horrible.

Today, exactly a week before opening night, will be our first (yes, first) run-thru of the show. This scares the shit out of me, that we haven't been running it up until now. In fact, I sat again last night for two hours because the director had to block one of the last scenes (the one where Nancy gets strangled by Bill Sykes)-I wanted to scream but it took too much energy.

Yeah, this is going to suck.

I had to take Sean's truck to the dealer today-the little maintenance light went on-turns out it was because he was due for an oil change. So, M and I went for a ride, then went down to Point Pleasant for lunch, eating junk like fried oreos (my belly is killing me right now) and hanging on the boardwalk-it was too cloudy to hit the beach. M tells me that they're supposed to sign their settlement thing today, and should, barring any last minute tantrums from Fuckwad, be officially divorced on Tuesday. Then, she won't have to be nice to Fuckwad anymore, which she cant' wait for. Plus, she told me that she had a polyp removed from her cervix last week at her annual exam, so she's freaking out that she might have cancer, even though the doc told her that 99% of the time it's negative. So, she was asking me all these questions about how long it will bleed, blah blah blah. And I told her "Yeah, I know all about stuff like that, just call me Queen of the Stirrups". Then we laughed our asses off for about ten minutes. People passing us by probably thought that we were retarded.

Infertility sure gives you a bizarre sense of humor.

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Shelli said...

fried oreos...mmmmm, I'd probably puke, too, but the first bite would be heavenly.

I'm sure the potential train wreck will turn out OK - it ALWAYS does!