Friday, March 18, 2005

Crack for Cats

OK, I really don't have much to report today, other than the increased frequency of my hot flashes (I had one right in front of my principal today, which was embarrasing-Thank God she knows what's going on) and the sudden appearance of acne on my shoulders (yick). I should be getting AF ("Aunt Flo", aka your period) within the next few days and hopefully when I start stims these side effects will go away--hey, at least Loopy Lupron seems to be working, right?

Anyway, we got new cat food for the furbabies-Iams is making this new stuff that looks like pieces of meat in some kind of gravy, so I bought a few (since they had some kind of promo on them at the supermarket) and the cats love them-they get all freaky excited when I take one of these pouches out of the cupboard, so I'm convinced that they must put crack or something in the ingredients......Peaches, in particular, is a picky eater, and she totally gobbles this down. So I took some pics of the kitties' dinner time the other night........told you there was nothing going on in my life!

There it is, Exhibit A--Crack for Cats!

Here's Buddy inspecting his "stash"....

...and here's Peaches, who looks like she's already flying high!

1 comment:

cat said...

crack kitties! they are really cute.

hope those side effects ease off soon.