Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Loopy Lupron

Ah, that wonderful drug, Lupron, I sing your praises......


Today was my third shot, and the first (of many, I'm sure) that I've had to administer totally alone, with no Poor Sean to give me moral support. It is getting a bit easier, but, I can't get my hand to override my brain, which is telling me to stick the needle in. My hand is a bit slow on the uptake.

Tomorrow night my MIL is having us over for a St. Patty's Day dinner-it is a day early, but we both have rehearsal on the Big Shamrock Day. It's funny, she and her husband aren't even a drop of Irish, but still celebrate. I, on the other hand, don't celebrate it at all-I celebrate St. Joseph's Day, which is on the 19th, and is like the Italian version of St. Patty's Day, and, the bonus is we get to eat the St. Joseph's Day zeppoles, which are these lovely cream filled doughnut things-it beats smelly corned-beef and cabbage and dry soda bread any day, IMHO.

The upshot is (oooh, what an appropriate word..heh) that tomorrow night will be the first time I get to shoot up in semi-public, and on Thursday I get to bring it to church and shoot up in the sacristy during choir rehearsal-whoopee! Just what the Catholic Church wants to see-a parishioner injecting fertility drugs in order to do a procedure that the Church disapproves of-can't wait!

I'm kinda moody-don't know if it's the Lupron or just PMS-and the headache is still there. I was reading about side effects, and it said something about the headaches going away once stims are started, which isn't until sometime next week-that kinda sucks-but, I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end.....


cat said...

Yah! You did it... again! :)

I hope this whole needle thing gets easier for you. I hear the bruises come later. *damn it*

Why is the church against IVF? By this I mean what is their official policy on this?

S said...

You know, it's funny, but I have this tiny red dot where each needle went in-it's like my body's making an IVF roadmap!

As for the Church's "official" policy about IVF --1.) conception occurs outside the body, which is "unnatural" (well, I guess they're right, technically it is) 2.) the issue of the handling of embryos afterwards ie. discarding or using them for medical research and 3.) it takes away from the idea that conception happens from the physical union of men and women.

There are some gray areas as though, that is if you donate your unused embryos to another couple, it can be considered an early form of adoption and is okay. I'm lucky that I'm in a parish where there's a lot of understanding-my priest said that regardless, God created these people (docs, embryologists, etc) with the ability and calling to be healers and scientists, so why would He create that ability and knowledge, then not expect people to use it? And I really do believe that-these RE's and clinics aren't doing anything malicious, they're trying to create life where there would be none. Even the Bible talks about how it is a crime for a woman to be barren.

A friend of mine who is VERY knowlegeable about Catholic doctrine (she and her DH have tons of books on tractates and canon law-he's a professor of philosopy @ Fordam-go figure)said that most people are pretty ignorant about their own faith, and that if you're armed with the knowledge, then you can make an educated decision-and she's right.

I guess it's an issue of divine authority ie. "God's Will" over science, which is an endless conflict, IMHO...OMG, sorry for the dissertation there :)

Thanks for the support, girlie-you're the bestest! Can't wait to see ya soon!

Shelli said...

the bible ALSO says - "Be fruitful and multiply" - GOSH DARNIT! That's what we've all been trying to do!