Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gimme my meds, muthafucka!

I went to the local Walgreen's Pharmacy to pick up my fertility medications today, and it was a fucking fiasco.

I tell the pharmacy chick my name and that I needed to pick up a lot of medications, and she hands me a bag. The only things in the bag, however, are the syringes and the Pregnyl vial, nothing else-no Lupron, no Follistim cartridges, no suppositories. So, I'm like, what the FUCK, especially since I called the pharmacy last night to make sure that the medications would be in on Wednesday (which they said would be). The pharmacist tells me that the Follistim and Lupron need a preauthorization from the prescription company, and I'm trying to explain that both my doctor and I called the prescription company to verify the benefits, and only the Lupron needed the preauth, which the RE's office took care of. The pharmacist (a man) is a bit annoying-totally not listening to what I'm trying to say, and hits me with the following phrase-"Listen, I've been doing this a for long time, and I know what I'm talking about". WHAT?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!? So, in the packed wating area of the the pharmacy, in front of the entire staff and people waiting, and in my most psychotic voice, I say to him "Excuse me, but I've been infertile for a long time and therefore I definitely think that I know what I'm talking about, so I don't need you to be condescending-I need you to do your job!" TAKE THAT, ASSHOLE!

Turns out, the prescription company is having problems with the Follistim-it's covered, but they need to put in an override into their system, and it's not working, so they're going to work on getting it in for tomorrow, so I'll have the rest of my meds tomorrow. But, I was so totally pissed off by that exchange-who the fuck do you think you are? And, please don't tell me that you "know what you're talking about", because you don't--you're not the one taking all these drugs, you're not the one who has waited for almost three almost unbearable years to have a baby, to have to go through this with no guarantee IVF will even work; you, in your ignorance, will go your happy way and will probably not ever have to worry about the state of your fertility. So, don't tell me that you've "been doing this for a long time", because I don't want to hear it-until I see you fill that syringe with medication and jab yourself every night, go through test after test, and one surgery after another, and go through the same thoughts and fears that run endlessly through my brain night after night, then you maybe have the right to spout that bullshit. But, as a pharmacist, filling drugs for patients does not give you the right to even pretend or assume that you know what's going on--you can't even begin to realize it.

Hopefully this isn't a precedent for what's to come, because I will probably be on the evening news, being led away in handcuffs, if I have to deal with that ignorant bullshit the next time I need a refill.


cat said...

you go get em! he had no right to say that or act like that. ((hugs)) so sorry that it turned out to be full of troubles. good for you for telling him off!

Shelli said...

Amen, Sistah!
WHAT an Asshole! I'm so sorry he said that to you. {{{hugs indeed}}}

Anonymous said...

Your post shows that you may be too immature to be a good parent. You might want to try some counseling before you give birth. Honest.

S said...

Hey anonymous, if you can't find something positive to say, I'd appreciate it if you didn't post a comment at all...I don't need any additional stress in my life right now.