Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Going with the Flow

Today I am offically at day 30 of my cycle, and, as of yet, I haven't gotten my period.

And, no, there's no way I could be "up the pole", because that means that you actually have to have sex to do that, and Loopy Lupron has killed off my sex drive and made me too damn exhausted to give two shits about it right now.

I feel bloated, and I have that crampy, kinda swampy feeling that you get (sorry if TMI here) that makes you compulsively run to the bathroom numerous times a day to check the status of both your panties and the john. I've also been a raving beyotch for the past few days, but no sore boobs (that's always a sure sign for me) and I usually get a headache right before, but since I've had a slight headache since I started this I probably couldn't tell the difference, anyway.

Now, the IVF nurse told on the phone yesterday that Lupron can delay your period. As to how long this delay could last, she didn't say. I have to go tomorrow morning for my ultrasound and estradiol bloodwork ("E2" in medical lingo), so hopefully I will get a better idea tomorrow afternoon as to what the frig is going on. I wonder, since Lupron puts you, hormonally, in a menopausal state, if I'll get my period at all-and if I don't, can I still start stims? There's something to ask the nurse-gotta write that down now, since another wonderful result of this medication is the sudden forgetfulness that I've descended into.

I'm tired of waiting, and waiting, and waiting.......I want to start these stims, to see my E2 levels steadily rising and my follicles growing on the ultrasounds. I'm tired of patiently waiting for this new chapter in my life to start. It's time to move onward.

Or maybe I'm just tired.....


cat said...

Oh man... do I hope that AF finds you soon and you are on your way to the new cycle and *crosses fingers* hopefully progress in an upward direction. :)

vixanne wigg said...

Okay. This does NOT sound fun. Yuck. I hope you feel better soon.