Friday, March 25, 2005

Follistim, Here I Come!

I was fucking around (no, not fucking, pa-leeze! Not with my period-it's like putting ketchup on a hot dog-ewwww) at about 10:30 this morning, when the phone rings-it's Nursey from the RE's office, wondering why I didn't come in for bloodwork and an ultrasound. I told her "well, because I thought I didn't need to, since I got my period". Apparently, I still had to go for my estradiol bloodwork, but not an ultrasound. So, I threw some sweats on and drove over to the local lab, where I waited for over an hour, because they were short-staffed. I ended up getting the same tech I had on Wednesday-she is so cool. The only thing that sucked is that she drew the blood from the vein in the middle of my arm (I've been told that I have good veins) and it now hurts like a motherfucker, and has a nice bruise.

Well, the good news is, I get to start the Follistim tomorrow morning. 225 IU in the morning, then 225 IU in the evening, along with my dose of Loopy Lupron. I go for more bloodwork on Monday for my pre-admission testing before the embryo retrieval (the tentative date is April 4th), then I go to the RE on Wednesday for an ultrasound, to see what's been grown, more bloodwork, and a physical exam. Shit, I really hope that my veins don't collapse after all this bloodwork-that would really suck.

I called my parents this afternoon with the IVF update, and my dad compared the embryo retrieval to an Easter Egg hunt-you know, it isn't too far from the truth. I laughed my ass off when he said that-hell, I still get a giggle every time I think of it. I've gotta remember that to tell the RE.....maybe he'd find it funny too.

But, at least I can start stims-yay! It's really happening!


Shelli said...

woo hoo darlin - that's da bomb!

YEE HAW! You gonna be a mom in NO time, I have a good feelign about folistim and your eggies!


cat said...

Good luck. *fingers and toes crossed*

Rooting for all eggs to be found.