Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Snow Day!

I got the call at around 4:30 this morning..........no school today *doing happy dance*

I really think that sometimes the teachers enjoy snow days even more than their students do.

Haven't posted in a fair few days-had lots of stuff to get through. I decided, spontaneously, to clear out our file drawer in the office of all old shit, to make room for new shit. I had no idea that we had so much in there, but the shredder has been working overtime.

Went to the accountant on Sunday to have our taxes done-at least we're getting some $$ back and we don't have to pay, like last year. It's weird, however, that even the subject of infertility can push its way into such a mundane task as going over your taxes. The accountant mentioned to us that if/when we decide to have children, there is a child tax credit as well as a dependent care credit we would qualify for. So, afterwards in the car, being the asshole that I am, I told Sean "Well, babe-a, if we can squeeze out a puppy between now and December, we'll get a nice return next year!". Needless to say, he didn't find it as ironically amusing as I did.....

On the fertility front-the RE's office confirmed Mr. Buzzkill's demise-*bowing head down in a moment of silence-NOT!!*, so I will be starting the day 21 Lupron protocol, whatever the fuck that means in doctor-lingo. I go next Friday for progesterone bloodwork at the lab and another ultrasound at the RE's office....the RE's phlebotomist-I can't believe I can spell that word-is on disability, so I have to go to the lab by my house, then drive to the RE's office, which TOTALLY sucks ass and I will more than likely be late for work, but I could give a rat's ass.....then, assuming that everything's kosher, I'll start Lupron shots that Sunday evening. Now I just need to play the insurance game and find out if everything's been authorized, because I don't want to pick up $80 worth of prescriptions if the Oxford hasn't okayed the IVF.........

I just glanced out the window, and it's snowing again-big fat flakes, and it seems as if the sun is trying to break through the clouds occasionally-kind of like my life right now, isn't it?

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