Thursday, November 16, 2006

5dp3dt-Housekeeping and a Meme, Or Ways to Pass The Time In The 2WW

Well, I've switched over to Blogger Beta-might as well, right? They're going to do it eventually down the road, so I just got a head start. So far, so good-I need to play around with it a bit.

I also did some housekeeping on the blog-added my new gmail address, went through my blogroll, which was a bit weird. I deleted some blogs that I read religiously, but are now defunct, which was a bit sad. I also added in those that I've been reading for awhile, but haven't been posting to, so if I forgot anyones, or if you want your blog added, just send me an email and I'll put it in.

Now, what's a 2WW without a meme? Thanks to Nickie, I've got one, so here it is:

Five Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. I never got to attend my high school graduation. I actually found out, about five days before, that I had failed a class by three-tenths of a point, and the teacher refused to pass me because I was in the music program in high school and she was pissed off that I was being taken out of her class for chorus dress rehearsals. My parents went to school to appeal, they tried to get the board of education to make an exception, but no dice. So, I was not allowed to attend, and had to get a tutor for the summer in order to pass and be able to keep my acceptance for college. Stupid cow. I hope she gets crabs.

2. I absolutely cannot go to sleep without socks (hereafter called "sockies"-the kind of slipper grip socks that you get) on. Even in the summer. For some reason, I can't sleep with my feet uncovered-it freaks me out to have bare feet on the sheets. My favorites are a fleece pair that feel so soft....bliss. Just call me quirky, I guess.

3. I am distantly related, somehow, to a certain actor who gained notoriety within the past few years for allegedly murdering his wife. And no, it ain't OJ. Apparently, his mother and my great-grandmother were closely related (they were sisters, I believe, but I'm not sure). I've never personally met him, but I think I remember my grandfather saying he did, once.

4. I love cheese. There, I've said it. Everything must contain cheese, or life ain't worth living. Well, everything except blue and goat cheese-they're too gross for me. My ultimate favorite late-night snack is a cheddar cheese and mayo sandwich on wheat bread. My mother used to gag every time she saw me making it. Let's just say that I'm sure that I don't have a calcium deficiency and that my arteries have been probably screaming for mercy for about 10 years now. I'm probably short-listed for Lipitor, too.

5. My great-grandfather was adopted. His story is the classic tale of the baby born out wedlock (and fathered by the town rich boy) and left on the church steps in Italy. He was adopted, then, later on as an adult, right before he left for America, he found out who his biological father was. When he arrived at Ellis Island, he gave his father's surname as his own to the immigration authorities. It's unclear as to why he went to America-he apparently left Italy "suddenly". Then again, I did find out from my mother that he was also a bookmaker during the Depression (and no, I don't mean a person who binds novels, if you get my drift *crooking nose to the side with finger*), so it's probably shady all around. By the way, he also had bright red hair and freckles-he looked like someone from Limerick rather than from Avellino, Italy. Go figure.

Well, there it is-my meme. Whoever wishes to participate, go for it-I won't tag anyone (you've already probably done it in the past).....

Now, what else to do for the next 6 days? Arrgh-this SUCKS!


Sassy McSasserson said...

The 2 week wait really does suck doesn't it? Well I don't have much to add other than I think your posts are hilarious. Oh one thing I try to do during the 2 week wait to shut my mind off is puzzles - I mean like crossword or Sudoku. I seriously just do one after the other so that I don't have to think. Because we all know that THINKING during the 2ww is no good!

Nickie said...

I'm glad to have helped you pass about 20 min of the dreaded 2ww!!

Thalia said...

That's one of the most interesting 5 things I've ever read, thank you. So fascinated by your various relations I'm going to have to go try and figure out who they are.

Btw if you're saying no to goats cheese you've obviously not tasted a wide range - some of it is deliciously mild and creamy, with just the littlest hint of sharpness, yum!