Sunday, November 05, 2006

Still Nothing Yet

As of yesterday's bloodletting, my LH was at 11, so I'm not quite ready yet. Almost, but no cigar. The nurse who called me yesterday afternoon told me that my LH needs to be in the "high teens" for them to see that I'm about to ovulate, so it should be soon. I hope.

This shit is starting to old, if you know what I mean. I'm starting to make deals with my ovaries-a nice vacation, a new purse and shoes, some bling, perhaps. They must be holding out for something really good. Luckily I can't afford the BMW X3 that they're whinging about, or else I'd be screwed.

Those fuckers sure do drive a hard bargain. They just better do their job, or all bets are off.


Lut C. said...

Extortion is what I call it. Hang in there!

Nickie said...

I hope they decide to make a deal soon!! I had pep talks with my ovaries too. "All I need is one good IVF cycle and then you can have the rest of my life off." Well, I think they heard me. I hope yours start listening too!

Watson said...

Well, you're MUCH smarter than I am. My ovaries demanded a 'previously owned' X3 earlier this year and I relented.

And I'm STILL not pregnant, the bastards.

They just wanted to tool around with the sunroof open and the heated seats on.

They better come through for me one of these months...