Friday, November 10, 2006

They're In

Today's transfer went amazingly well.

We met with Dr. Cheery, who told us that we had a choice to make. They thawed all 8 of the day 2 embies, and ended up with five-two that looked really good, and then three that they would watch for a few days, and, if they go to blast stage, will refreeze. So, our choice was either transfer the original two in, or add one more that looked good. Since adding another one isn't going to up our chances of pregnancy, only a greater chance of multiples, we went with the two (which we were told were a 7-and 8-celled "very good embryos-they don't do grading at BIC), which both Dr. Cheery and the embryologist were happy about.

I got a nice surprise in the OR, when Dr. Cheery and the embryologist approached the table with the pictures-the 8-celled embryo became a morula since earlier today-it just confirmed the choice we made about only transferring two. So, in they went, with no problems.

Of course, being the overachiever that I am, I drank way too much water beforehand. Like, I almost wet myself in the waiting room. I actually had to void a small cupful before the transfer-let me tell you, I must have great Kegel muscles, because it took everything I had not to finish peeing once I started. I was still full though, and, for the first time in my life, I had to use a bedpan in the recovery area...and filled the whole damn thing....ewwww. Hey, it's better than peeing myself, the doctor or the nurses. I guess there's got to be a first for everything.

Thanks to all of you for your good luck mojo (and Shelli-thanks for the voicemail-I let Sean listen to it and he had a chuckle at your whoo-de-ha reference) and kindness. It means even more, considering neither of our families know about this cycle (we only told two really close friends who are sworn to secrecy). So, thanks again-you all rock.

So, that's it. Beta is on the 21st. Everything that can be done has been done. There's nothing left to do but wait.


Watson said...


Just want to say congrats on the transfer and good luck during the 2ww.

I hope you have great news after your Beta.

Hang in there :-)

Jessica said...

Waiting and praying with you.

Lut C. said...

Refreeze? Really? Wow!

I'm glad it went well, good luck!

Nickie said...

great news on the morula, I think putting back 2 was the right move.

also, great news on the review - always makes you feel good when someone who doesn't know you enjoys your work.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the wait!

My Reality said...

Hoping along with you. Fantastic news about the morula, I hope it makes your dreams come true.

Shelli said...

crossing EVERYTHING.

And I just crossed Malka's fingers in her sleep, too.

Thalia said...

They sound marvellous, I'm so glad they are all such good quality.

Ladiebug said...

Good luck on the wait and I will pray for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad the transfer went well. Hope the 2ww goes quickly for you.

Lori Ferland said...

Hi, I'm new to your site. Just found you last week. Good luck with not thinking too much and with trying to take it easy. I've been through IVF ICSI three times and I know it's a roller coaster. You are lucky that so many people understand what you are talking about - I didn't have anyone except my husband (who was great but I could have used some women to talk to. It's up to Mother Nature now and she tries for life when she can - I'm pulling for you.

Anna said...

Lad to hear all went well with the transfer. I'm keeping everything crossed for a nice, appropriate beta. : ) Good luck!!!