Thursday, November 16, 2006

6dp3dt-Waiting Sucks Big Moose Testicles

I caved and bought the Evil Pee Sticks of Despair. However, as a testament to my own fucked-sense of "self-control" (because, let's face it-if I really had self-control, I wouldn't have even bought the damn things to begin with), the box is still sealed. Let's take bets to see how long it'll be before I rip the box to shreds in an attempt to urinate on those killjoys.

I'm going with Saturday. Sean won't be around, and the temptation will be too much. At least, if he's around, he keeps me busy, but I can't be responsible for what I do if he's not here.

Ugh. I fucking hate this waiting. Patience may be a virtue, but it's one that I don't have right now.

Five more days. Then all will be revealed. As to whether or not I have a feeling if it worked-well, I don't know. Usually I can pretty much trust my instinct, but this time I'm not sure. Perhaps it did, perhaps it didn't. I just wish that I could be just like everyone else-to not have to worry , and wait, and hope, and doubt my own body's ability to implant an embryo.

The 2WW is a mindfuck. And that's all I have to say about that.


Nickie said...

I think Sat would be a good day to give in. BUT, what if it's positive? I know it's scary to even consider that possibility, but what if... Would you want Sean to be there to know right when you do? Or do you want the time alone to enjoy it and then plan something more elaborate to tell him?

Something to consider.

seattlegal said...

The 2ww is a big pain in the ass! It drags on and on and on. Hopefully, these past 5 days won't drag for you!

Thalia said...

You're not alone, we're here waiting with you. Painful as it is.

If you last past saturday, I'll give you a medal.

Inglewood said...

My beta is on the 22nd, I too am flirting with HPTs, decided to test Sunday. I agree it sucks big moose testicles.

vixanne wigg said...

I'm reading and hoping for you! I've got all my digits crossed.

Carol said...

oh dear, buying them is a slippery slope. You will test if they are in the house. It's not a question of if, just when. the 2ww freaking sucks.

Kidsquared/Yumikid said...

Hang in there. Someone in Ottawa is sending you good vibes.

Cat said...

saturday it is then... i'm holding your hand from out here whenever or if ever you do decide to piss on any sticks.

Shelli said...


Bring the EPSOD (eveeel pee sticks of doom) to work and leave them there.

it's just too early to tell anyhoo.

xoxoxox, love to you,

Melissa in Delaware said...

I'm 5dp4dt and THIS DOES SUCK! Every morning I wake up I want to take a freakin pregnancy test! If you take on on Saturday, I might have to take one on Sunday! He he

Anna said...

Pee sticks are the devil. I swear.

Hang in there - I hate the fucking 2 ww - it's torture, much like IF and assisted reproductive technology. I'm really hoping for you and keeping every thing crossed.