Monday, October 24, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

but Sean finally got the transformer! He actually got the wrong one at Home Depot, so he had to call to find the correct one. Hopefully the heat should on tonight!

According to the thermostat, it's 59 degrees in the house-yikes!!

I went this morning for the bloodletting and dildocam, and heard back from Nursey P this afternoon. Starting tomorrow, I add 225IU of Follistim twice a day, and have to cut back my Lupron to 5 units a day. I was a little concerned initially about the amount of Follistim, since this was the same dosage I was on back in March and April, and I developed OHSS, but the fact that they're reducing my Lupron shows that they're trying to get my follicles to get bigger sooner, rather than later-that way, they can back me off the meds if need be. The party starts here.......

I had my acu appointment this afternoon. I was fully prepared to undress, as usual, when the nurse told me not to, because the doctor was going to "do the ears" today-huh? They're gonna stick needles in my ears? But, it wasn't really bad, just weird, and, after they were all in, oddly relaxing-I had a bit of a doze. He told me that he's going on vacation in two weeks, and that the office isn't going to be open...........shit. That kinda sucks, but I'll deal with it. Maybe I can find someone else to go to for that week, if it's around the retrieval.

Other than that, it's the calm before the storm. I go back to Dr. Vest on Friday for more blood and another dildocam (or, as my friend Ken calls it, Crotch-noculars-heh), then I have to stay for a physical exam, so there's another Friday (the third in six weeks) that I'll be out for doctor's shit. That's the only thing that sucks about being a teacher-it's not a nine to five job, so for me, coming in a 10 am from the doctor isn't an hour late, it's two out of a six and a half hour workday-a third of the day. Or, three classes. So, that's another sick day that I need to take-sucks.

What can you do, right?


Heather said...

Just wanted to make sure I wished you luck this cycle. Hang in there!

Shelli said...


Weeeee Love that!

Hope it gets warmer in the hose soon, sweetie...