Friday, October 28, 2005

Here's The Dirt

My follies are all between 7-8 mm in size. Mr. Techhie told me that he stopped counting after 10, so I don't know if that means that there's more than 10, but there were at least 10 that I could see on the screen.

I tend to produce a lot of eggs-with my last fresh cycle, I had 24 follicles, and 17 mature eggs were retrieved. Mr. Techhie called me the Italian Egg Factory. He also said that if the Martians ever came to take people, I'd be number 1 on their list-they'd treat me like a queen and get me to produce lots of eggies. I remarked that hopefully they could do it without me having to shoot up twice a day, I'd be waiting in the nearest cornfield.

Of course, since I've been prodded, I'm now a little sore. By Monday I'll be a nice bloated mess-can't wait!

I also had the bloodletting, and also had to go get my pre-admin testing for the ER. Dr. Vest told me that I need to come back in for another wanding and bleeding, and that he'd be able to get a better idea as to when the retrieval will be, but that the earliest he can see is next Friday.

So, that's about it, for now-Nursey P. will call me this afternoon with my E2/LH/Progesterone results, so I'll post about that in a few hours.

Happy Friday!


Shelli said...


LOTS of nice eggies there, darlin -keep cookin - but no bloatin!


Thalia said...

oh I'm so jealous of all those eggs! hoping it keeps going well and that you're not too sore.

Lindy said...

Sounds like a perfect response! Great news!