Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hey Good Lookin'-Whatcha Got Cookin'?

Day #3 of FolliSTING-fuck, I forgot how much that shit stings. I had a couple of "bleeders" (the puncture site started to bleed afterwards), and I'm getting a little bruised. My belly is starting to look like a junkie's-maybe if I play Connect The Dots, I'll find a cool Halloween picture....

I think that something's cooking down in my nether regions-the past day or so I've been getting slight crampiness in the ovarian area. Plus, I got a little moody yesterday. I'm still exhausted, and I'm getting really hungry all the time, so I need to be careful, or else I'll be as big as a house. I also have to make a conscious effort to drink more water, otherwise I start to get a headache.

Tomorrow I go for the bloodletting and crotchnoculars, then I stay to see Dr. Vest for an exam, then I assume he'll clue me in as to when the ER will be. Then, I need to get to the pharmacy to refill my Lupron and then also get my progesterone in oil refill-oh, goodie!

I just want to get this all done-I'm ready to move forward. Let's hope my ovaries will heed the call and cooperate.


Shelli said...


(sending the call to the ovaries to cooperate!)

smoochers, babe!


Lindy said...

Wishing you the best of luck with the scan tomorrow! Let us know ASAP!