Friday, October 14, 2005

Round Two Begins

I went to Dr. Vest's office this morning for the usual bloodletting and dildocam poking, and all went well. I have to call Nursey P this afternoon to find out the results of the progesterone test, and, if all goes well, I start with 10 cc of Lupron tonight.

I also went to Schrafts to pick up my meds-I almost fell over when I saw the woman come out from the back with a HUGE box and two bags. I'm not exaggerating, the box was the size of a toaster-oven. They must have seen the look of panic on my face, because they said "don't worry, it isn't filled with medication, it's just the stuff that needs to be refrigerated."

Great......that makes me feel oh so much better. That and the $55 I had to fork over. I did the internal happy dance for my prescription coverage and the fact that I live in a state that mandates health coverage for IF-otherwise I'd literally be paying 100 times that amount.

In unpacking the Box From Hell, I noticed that they repackaged the Follistim cartridges-they actually give you more needles-woot! So, I have 8 vials of Follistim, one Lupron kit, one vial of HCG trigger, two boxes of Repronex (which I didn't need the last time and have added it to the two unopened boxes I already have. If I don't need it this time, will try to donate to an IVF clinic), and enough needles to stick half the population of Northern New Jersey. The only thing that's missing is the lovely Progesterone In Oil vials, which I forgot to renew, so I need to call the pharmacy back and get those and the 18 gauge sharps to draw it up. Luckily for me I won't need that for a few weeks, so it's not a big deal to get it right away.

Tomorrow night Sean and I, along with Shelli and her partner Narda, will be going to the McCarter Theatre in Princeton to see Gem of the Ocean (written by August Wilson, who passed on a little over a week ago). Narda stage managed the Broadway production (which starred Phyillcia Rashad, who's also in this production), and had also worked on other plays written by Wilson. They were talking about possibly going backstage afterwards to meet her (ACK!!), so that would totally be cool. The only shitty thing is that I have to cart my Lupron with me to shoot up at McCarter. Thank God I know the CM of the theatre (he was my Frederic when I did Pirates), so I'm going to try to find him to see if I can find a quiet spot somewhere instead of using the ladies room.........that's all I need.......some old biddie freaking out as I comandeer the bathroom countertop.

Four hours to go until the phone call. I'll post an update when I hear.


Shelli said...

woot! looking forward to it, too!

Is Lupron the small, or big needles?

and do you want to try and have a drink first or after...


Julie said...

18g needles? damn.
BTW, awesome rx coverage. Good luck! :)

cat said...

Good luck with that call. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you. Have fun tonight!

S said...

Yeh, the 18g needles draw up the progesterone-you use the 22g to shoot in the bum.....luckily the Lupron are the small ones...

Hey Shelli, maybe getting together before is a better idea, because of the train situation (we're taking it down too).....I'll call you tomorrow...