Saturday, October 22, 2005

Pins and Needles

So, I never actually posted about my journey into acupuncture, so now that I have some free time, and I'm wrapped up in my fluffy robe and down throw, it's time.

The reason, btw, that I'm in my fluffy fleecy robe, down throw, sweatsuit, socks and the laptop firmly on my lap for the heat, is this-we (or should I say, Sean) tried to fire up the furnace today, since it's rainy and cold as hell. It's been really cold the past few days, but Sean needed the time to clean out and refill the furnace, and put in a new, digital Energy Star thermostat, so I've been trying to be nice and not complain that my fingernails are now a lovely shade of blue. Anyway, in firing up the furnace, he blew the transformer on it, so he's now off to Home Depot to buy a new one............

It's still cold as hell......but, I digress.........

So, acupuncture is pretty relaxing, and not at all painful, really. The guy that I'm seeing has been practicing for over 30 years, is very nice and has experience with IF and IVF patients. The first appointment was odd, though. They brought me in, checked out all of my pulse points, and noted areas that were "cold". The acu doc noted that my feet and hands tend to get cold-apparently, your energy flow begins and ends in both your hands and feet, so if those areas are cold, your energy is not flowing evenly and correctly. We discussed what I wanted to accomplish with acupuncture, and he recommended coming in twice weekly until after the transfer. The first time he put the needles in were weird, because you didn't feel it (I actually kept my eyes closed until he was finished). I get them in my belly (about 5-6), shins (3-4 each), feet (2-3 in each-those are a little uncomfortable) and forearms(1-2 each). Then he leaves me to stew (marinate?) for 20-35 minutes, at which time I'm relaxed and want to drift off, but am scared shitless that I'll shift and hit one of the needles (yeouch!). Then he comes back in, takes them all out, and I'm done until the next appointment. All done in a professional, conversational manner.

Here's the part that I first thought was really weird, weird enough that I almost left at the first appointment, but now could care less......................he's blind.

Totally blind, and no, I'm not setting up a rude joke. He really is-he was in an accident as a child, had 10 surgeries to try to repair the damage, and was totally blind by age 20.

I'm sure you're wondering "How the fuck can he do what he's doing?". Well, apparently a lot of acupuncture has to do with touch-for example, he would massage certain areas on my shins and feet to see if they felt tender to me, and if so, that's where the needle went in. He also has a nurse assistant who helps him and makes sure that he's got what he needs. Also, he's been doing this for a long time, I'm sure that his other senses are heightened to compensate for the loss of his vision.

I'm not worried anymore about it-he has a busy practice, and, as I've been telling people about my appointments, I've heard nothing but good things about him. I feel relaxed, and I'm not getting the horrible headaches and hot flashes with even the remotest frequency that I did the last time I used Lupron. I feel more focused than I have been in a long time. To be honest, I could care less if he can see me or not. The important thing is that it helps me.

Plus, there are some advantages to having a blind acupuncturist-you don't have to worry that your legs and cooter aren't perfectly groomed, or if you have a zit or a bad hair day, or that you've got on your period panties because you forgot to do the wash. He's there to help me get pregnant. And I'm there to focus on the task at hand.

All in all, it's a fair trade, isn't it?


betty said...

I havn't caught up with you in a while and when I tell you why please don't think it's a bad excuse! I liked the name of your blog so much that I named my favourites folder (where all my fav blogs go) Infertility Sux. So now when I see the title of your blog in my list I forget to click on it because I think it's just a title for my folder. Thats what I get for stealing!
Aaanyyyway, I just read your last post and I could feel your sadness as I have struggled heaps with finding out about friend's pregnancies. So I just want to say I know how you feel..I really do.
As for the pins and needles, well I can't believe he is blind. Perhaps that means he is even more in tune with your body than a regular acupuncurist would be because he needs to reley on other senses. here's hoping and I hope he helps to keep you focussed.

S said...

Hee hee....I feel honored that you named your favorites folder after my blog! Hey, it's only stealing if you get caught, right!?

Glad to see you're back-I missed you!

cat said...

Hurrah that the acupuncture is helping you. That stuff really works it's amazing. That he is blind is kind of cool. What a story!

Shelli said...

great story - and I'm SOOOO glad its working for you.

Accupuncture ROCKS - I love the forced nap time, that in and of itself is almost reason to go...