Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Look

Like it?

I got bored and I was sick of the blogger templates that are on the site, so I found this one.

I do want to change the font on the title and make it bigger......anyone know how to do this, and be able to explain it to a html-idiot like me?



Shelli said...


NO clue how to do changes, it's a miracle that I figured out how to add links to mine! :)

cat said...

Love it as well. The code you need to change should be near the top of the html template. If you email me the whole page of code I might be able to pinpoint it for you.

New look... new horizons.

Julie said...

...and my first thought was "What has she done? I don't like change!"
But its cool and very mod and all that. ;-D