Friday, October 28, 2005

Changing the Dosage

Nursey P. just called me-I'll continue my 225 units of Follistim and 5 units of Lupron for tonight, but starting tomorrow (and lasting through Monday), I'll be on the following protocol:

A.M.-225 IU Follistim
P.M.-150 IU Follistim + 5 units of Lupron

I totally forgot to ask her my E2 level, but when I go in on Monday I'll ask her for the numbers. The good news is-NO Repronex-woot! I don't think that I can add another injection to the fertility cocktail, if ya know what I mean. Especially one that I have to mix myself......I didn't do very well taking Chemistry in high school......

Have a great weekend, all----may all your follies be large and your linings be thick.


Shelli said...


Lindy said...

Hmm... that's interesting. Should definitely get things revved up! Sorry you have to add an extra injection, but glad it doesn't involve mixing. I hate that too!

Thalia said...

Sounds like a protocol that will get you somewhere - I hope all those follicles get going!