Monday, October 10, 2005

The Low Down

Here's the deal:

I met with Dr. Vest this morning. We're moving forward with fresh IVF cycle #2, and quickly. How quickly, do you ask, since it seems like IVF calendars move slower than slugs?

If all goes well on Friday with my progesterone draw and ultrasound, and I get the "all-clear", I start Lupron shots on Friday, which will be cycle day 21.

Holy motherfucking shit. But, it's a good holy motherfucking shit.

We're not changing the protocol at all, it will still be 10cc of Lupron once a day, then once I get the auld red harlot, Follistim, then the trigger shot. We're going to do the PIO this time and not fuck around with twat rockets and the gross Crinone gel-what's the point, when the PIO works? The shots weren't that bad-they really didn't hurt that much. Probably because my ass has a lot of fat in it.

They're going to watch me carefully because I did hyperstim the last time, but it looks like that they'll start me out on a lower dose of Follistim. My estrogen levels literally went from 3700 to 7200 in two days (I had 24 follicles, but STILL) so I made sure that they're going to really monitor me, because I do not want to go through being so sick and having to get fluid drained again-NOT fun.

I called my insurance company, and my Lupron authorization is still valid, but the Follistim needs to be re-authorized, so Nursey P needs to call them tomorrow. Otherwise, it's going to happen.

I still need to call about acupuncture. I narrowed it down to two places which are local to me and, after looking at their websites, have experience with IF patients. I definitely want to do it-if anything, it will help with the stress.

It's finally autumn and colder outside. I got to wear a sweater for the first time so far, and I'm making a pot roast tonight (yummy!) with potato dumplings (Sean loves them-it's the Eastern European/Austrian in him) and rolls, with salad.

I love autumn-it's my favorite time of the year. I met Sean during autumn, was married in autumn (just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday), born in autumn........and perhaps I'll conceive in autumn.

And then, this favorite season of mine would be even more special to me. Hopefully.


laura said...

It sounds like you've got it all under control. Congrats on getting started!

Lindy said...

Sounds like we'll be on the same protocol. I'll start lupron Wednesday (day 21).

Here's to adding another reason to love the fall.

Shelli said...

from you mouth......

Wishing you love, success and hope.


cat said...

Oh hurrah I hope that Autumn brings you even more to love abou it. Will be cheering for you.