Friday, November 18, 2005

11dp3dt-The Waiting Game

Yeah, I'm starting to get a little antsy in the pantsy about whether or not this round has worked.

I'm not sure whether I'll test tomorrow or Sunday (or both). I don't have any Evil Pee Sticks lying around, so that means that I'll have to go and buy some-any suggestions on good ones? I hate having to interpret those fucking things. You know, you look at it in different angles, in natural vs. bright light. It's like a psychic interpreting tarot carts. But, it's a necessary evil-there is NO way that I'm not going in prepared, or at least semi-prepared (because there's always a chance that it's wrong), since I have to sit through a faculty meeting on Monday afternoon. Which REALLY sucks, considering that we have a shortened week (Two and a half days). Jerks.

I'm really tired today-I took a nap after school today-and have a slight headache. Had some more weird brownish spotting (if I were looking for a Crayola color, I'd say it was a shade of Raw Sienna) on the pantyliner that I've taken to wearing, but not heavy-just a streak. No cramping today, though, which is a good thing, I guess. I also noticed that the boobs don't really hurt as much today-usually they're really heavy feeling and sore, especially when they're released from the tit-sling-all due to that lovely progesterone).

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to see the new Harry Potter movie-woot! We were going to go tonight, but it's going to be a nuthouse at the theater, and, quite frankly, I don't want my progesterage to kick in. So, hopefully we'll see the movie and have a decent dinner, then I'll get my ass shot that night.

So, that's it-I'm really happy that it's Friday, all in all. The week went by pretty quickly, but this weekend is really gonna drag, so I need to make sure that I'm busy as possible, so as not to obsess.

Waiting sucks.


thalia said...

I think your clinic is incredibly cruel to make you wait this long. If you get one of the sensitive tests you should be pretty safe now. Have you checked out That gives ratings for all the sticks you might ever want to buy.

Good luck!

Shelli said...

Just focus on Potter - it's an AWESOME movie, honey.

get the Answer Early - it detects like 25 miu,

and the CVS brands are pretty sensitive, as well, but I'm a fan of the answer early.

So, is the spotting like teriaki sauce? or just more random than that?

Spotting *could* be implantation spot, you know...


Jessica said...

I'd go with Answer Early too- Out of all the times I tested, the first time I used Answer Early I got a positive result.... sure it wasn't the brand that mattered but heck I like that brand now. I'm praying for you.

hormonebitch said...

I am laying in bed this moring as I am 6 days til BETA (and stressing)...and I thought of something. My nurse prac. told me after transfer if I had pink discharge or brown discharge not to worry. Not even to call her...but rather to expect it. They cram so much damn info into you that sometimes I don't remember til later. And..the headache is a good sign, too. I am glad you are blogging as it keeps my mind off of my own BETA (most of the time). By the of my preg. tests came up neg. when I was actually pos. Just didn't have enough hormones in my system yet...and that was at a docs office with a pee stick. One week was positive.