Friday, November 04, 2005


and woozy, but finally home.

They got 18 eggs. I was a little uncomfortable afterwards, so they gave me some Demerol.

I was fine until the drive home, then got carsick (there was a fair bit of traffic on the way home). Luckily, Sean had a plastic bag in the car for me to barf in.

Otherwise, I feel okay, but tired.

I'm armed with plenty of Pedalyte and drinks-lets hope it's enough to stave off the OHSS.

I'll post more later, once I'm more awake.


Shelli said...

18 eggies - WOW

You poor thing, you must be POOPED!

have a NICE, restful weekend.

much love,

Lindy said...

18 eggs is FANTASTIC! Congratulations! Take care of yourself and rest up. Let us know when you get your fertilization report!

And good luck with that first PIO shot tonight!

cat said...

Hurrah! 18 little possibilities. Good luck we will be out here rooting you on.

thalia said...

That's great news S. I hope you're feeling better today.