Friday, November 11, 2005

4dp3dt-Progesterone-Induced Dreams

This morning I woke up from a very vivid dream, thanks to that wonder-drug, progesterone. In my dream, I was cleaning a kitchen-specifically, what looked like a grilltop stove, which was filthy and greasy. I've never seen this kitchen before. My mother-in-law was there. She was talking about how she was pregnant, and that it "just happened" and that Big C (her husband) was so happy. She said that "the next thing we knew, it happened AGAIN". Throughout this whole dream, I didn't react at all or say a word to her-I just let her babble-but kept scrubbing the grease out of the stovetop and countertop (I specifically remember scrubbing in the corner of the countertops). Then (I never saw her, it was as if I had my back to her) she shoves a baby at me, as if to show it off. I just got a glimpse of a foot covered in those one-piece outfits before I woke up.

It totally reminds me of a dream I had two months ago about my own mother being pregnant. But, it was weird, I wasn't angry in this dream, more resigned and trying to avoid the conversation than anything else.

What does this all mean, you ask? I have no fucking clue. I just think that I'm screwed up. I wish I knew someone that I could ask about them, who could interpret them for me, so I could actually see if I need to be committed.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

I hate progesterone. But, at least it doesn't give you a hangover afterwards.

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Shelli said...

We are ALL jealous of those who can get "oopsie" preggers.

And if I recall, your MIL hasn't been the easiest towards you during this journey...

it all makes sense.

Sending you love and luck, sweetie,