Tuesday, November 15, 2005

8dp3dt-Crampy Coochy

Today is crampy day-I'm having period-like crampiness, but there's no bleeding. In fact, there's a mucusy-like discharge coming from down south. I noticed it beginning last night, on the toilet, as I went to wipe. There was this...............well...........there was this whitish mucus hanging out of my cooter (yeah, it's TMI, but it's a part of this journey, right?). It reminded me of EWCM, but a little thicker (thick enough to hang out of my choch). It was kinda gross and threw me for a minute. But, since then, I keep thinking that I'm spotting, and I go to the toilet and it's this EWCM.

Now, the last time I had similar discharge, back in July, I was also on the twat rockets, so I attributed it to them. Now, who the hell knows-I guess the progesterone is making everything all riled up in repro-land.

I haven't tested again-there really isn't any point in doing it, at least until Friday or Saturday. I don't want to make myself any more insane than I already am. I just wish that I knew already. I hate obsessing over these signs and symptoms and trying to deduce whether they are "real" or not.

Today Jenna came over with M to give me my shot. When she walked in, she told me "I have something for you". "You do?" I asked, "What?" She opened her hand to reveal a Spider-Man bandaid, just for me. She said, "Mommy said that I can put this on your tushie after you get your medicine"............so cute.

I also was catching up in Bloglandia and saw Thalia's sad news-if you get a chance, please drop her a line..........she needs all the support you can give. It just really sucks.

Totally and utterly sucks.


Shelli said...

you said COOCHIE!!!!!!!

tee hee hee hee hee :)

As always, my dear, I SO UNDERSTAND the pain of waiting, adn may we BOTH have an overly thankful thanksgiving!

thalia said...

S, thanks for your kind thoughts. I'm hoping that I've eaten all the bad karma for this little cycle and that you and caroline get good news over the next few days to add to lindy's already stonkingly good beta today.