Monday, November 14, 2005

7dp3dt-T-Minus One Week and Counting

One week until beta day. Wow.

This will probably be the worst week of all. The week which will crawl by.

Today's annoying side effect is heachache-I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon. No amount of Tylenol that I've taken in the past 24 hours (no, I didn't OD) will take away the pain-it just dulls it a bit, but it's still making it's prescence known. Blech.

I also haven't been sleeping that well in the past few days. I keep getting up in the middle of the night, usually to pee. Last night, my eyes snapped open at 4:30 am, and I tossed and turned (after peeing) for about an hour, drifted off, then heard the alarm go off at 6:05am-lovely. So, I've been feeling like a zombie all day today.

I did an HPT this morning, just to see if the HCG shot was out of my system yet. It came up negative, so I'm pretty sure that there's nothing there anymore. That way, when I test at the end of the week (I decided to fuck it all and just do it) I won't worry that it's a false positive or anything. Of course, seeing a BFN sucked, but I do also know that it's waaay too early to see anything-if it took, implantation would have taken place anytime after 5-6 dp transfer.

I went back to work this morning, which was okay-it's just exhausting in general, but add IVF to the equation, and it's just a hot mess. If I can just get through the next week, then it'll be Thanksgiving Break, and I can gorge myself on turkey (and wine, if the beta's a negative).

Did I mention that I hate waiting? Argh.


Shelli said...

OH my Gosh!

I am a total drunk, hot mess! I just statge managed the playwrights horizons benefit. and can yhou say FREE wine! during the ENTIRE event!


I hope that you have NO need for weine over the next 9 months.


ok - word varificatuion and vbeing drunk do NOT mix.... going on attempt # 3 here...

cat said...

Hate waiting along with you. :)

May you be forced into sobriety by that bfp soon.


Heather said...

Also hoping that you can't drink any wine next week as well.

laura said...

You must stay busy!! Do whatever you can to keep yourself occupied so that time flies!! And whichever way it goes, you can totally gorge on the turkey day food!