Saturday, November 12, 2005

5dp3dt-Miss Crankypants Checking In

My irritability has really kicked in today. Basically, just the mere fact that my husband lives and breathes is particularly irksome today.

Right now, he's watching "Rocky III"..........can we say WORST.......MOVIE.......EVER! Oh my good God, I just want to put my foot through the tv right now-it's like nails on a chalkboard listing to Sly Stallone's bad acting and the even worst writing. Of course, Sean's in 80's flashback nostalgic heaven, so I don't want to totally freak out. So I'm trying to keep my mouth shut (except for the ocassional backhanded inserts of "dumb movie" at least once during each scene-I can't help it).

Let's see, what signs and symptoms can I obsess over today? Hmmm.......I had slight crampiness today. I'm congested, but I think that it's my allergies. I'm bloated, really bloated. Like, I look about five months along bloated (fucking progesterone). I have a pain right under my ribs on my right side, like a constant stitch-slightly irritating but not painful. I'm tired, bitchy, and my ass looks like a wondrous technicolor dreamcoat of purples, pinks and yellows (depending on how old the bruise is). Oh, yeah, forgot about that constipation too. I'm eating apples and fiber like a champ. It's REALLY gonna suck when that resolves itself.

Yeah, that's about summing it up. I'm a crankypants moody bruised bloated crampy stuffy poop-stuffed woman. And, there's only 9 more days to go.

I am totally gonna test next weekend-fuck it. I can't deal.


Shelli said...

if you go eat some sugar-free candy, it'ss do you REAL good in the poop department.....

for the record, sadly, I speak from experience.

Sorry it's a rough time right now. The sinus stuff is a GOOD thing, however.

here's crossing fingers for you!

betty said...

Oh you deserve to let Mrs. Crankypants out with that terrible movie going on in YOUR house. Urgh!
Good luck, may it all be worth it.

cat said...

Rocky III !!! and you have not run screaming from the house yet? I'm amazed you are able to stay in the room at all! *feels your pain*

Test away chica when the time is ready I hope you get that beautiful double line.