Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Mixed Bag-1dp3dt

The transfer went okay. Unfortunately, the quality of the embryos weren't good as the last fresh cycle. Out of 18 eggs, only 6 made it to day three-three grade-2 embies and 3 grade-3 embies. The last fresh transfer we had were two "perfect" Grade-1 8-celled embryos.

Dr. Vest recommended, because of the quality, transferring three embryos instead of two, to maximize our chances. So, we transferred in two Grade-2 7 celled and one Grade-2 6 celled embies. I was a little apprehensive about it-what if they all take? But, unfortunately, the likeihood of that seems pretty slim. We still don't know if the other three will make it to tomorrow (they only freeze embies at day-5)-given the quality, I seriously doubt it.

It was kinda cool to see the embies going in on the ultrasound machine (he does transfers using guided ultrasound). It was also gross to see that my ovaries are still enlarged, and that I'm still at a risk for getting OHSS-I'm still drinking like a fiend. I'm sore as hell, though-I didn't feel that way the last time, but that was because at that point my stomach was so distended that I wasn't feeling anything but pressure and the lack of breath. So Tylenol has become my NBF (new best friend)...

I'm also slightly nauseated, like there's food that's sitting above my breastbone. I've never felt this before; but, then again, this is the first time I'm doing the PIO shots from the very beginning-maybe it's from that? I took two Tums because the agita was gross this morning.

So, here we are. It's weird, but I'm thinking that it's my last chance. I don't know if I could go through a fresh cycle a third time-it's so physically, emotionally and psychologically draining. Now it's the two week wait. I think that I will cheat this time and take an HPT the day before the beta, which is on 11/21. It's either gonna be a great or a shitty Thanksgiving.


Shelli said...

wow - a bit tougher this go in terms of the embies, but easier on your body.

What was the cell devision in terms of the FET from last time?

All we can ever do is wait.

I'm so sorry that only 6 made it, but hey! 6 made it - that's cool, right?

I'll be crossing everythign for you, and I'm glad they put three in - MUCH better chance, if you ask me! :)

Lindy said...

How strange that we've ended up with very similar results. I'm really wishing now that we had transferred three instead of two. We told our RE in advance that our threshold for transferring three was very high (only if embryos were very poor quality). In the end, we transferred two seven-cells, grade B and C.

I'm sorry we both got disappointing news, but glad that we can go through the 2ww together.

cat said...

I'm hoping that this Thanksgiving you have much to be thankful for and that it is a very good one. The best one.

Will be waiting with you.


dawn said...

Hey girl!! Your BETA is on my bday so good thoughts going out to you! We are exactly a week apart too so good thoughts to both of us. I hope yu are doing ok.