Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What the fuck happened to my template!?!?

I logged in this morning to Blogger and found, when I tried to view my blog, that all my graphics associated with my template are GONE (my little embryo-like bubbles are not there anymore!).

My poor little blog looks forlorn, doesn't it?

I haven't changed anything or have even touched my template since I put the new one in-so what the FUCK!?

I emailed Blogger to see what's up-hopefully someone will get back to me before I hit menopause.

This really sucks.


cat said...

I see your template fine? Maybe it's just a bug on your end?

Regardless your blog is coming through with all the nice graphics.

S said...

woo HOO!

You're right, it's probably just a bug, but it still pisses me off.

Then again, I'm just a bit grumpy today-I'm blaming it on the progesterone....

Julie said...

Sorry, no bubbles here. I even hit 'refresh' just in case. Laura had an entire post disappear recently. Blogger is wonked.