Saturday, August 13, 2005



Go to Shelli's blog for more details.

And, peeps, we all need to send "smooth signing" vibes their way, so they can bring their daughter home soon!

I, as I know Shelli does, feel for this girl-I can't begin to imagine what she's going through-but I absolutely admire the selflessness and maturity that she has in making a decision to give her baby up for adoption. She is truly giving Shelli and Narda a gift, and I, as their friend, will be forever grateful to her.


Shelli said...

oh my gosh, I just saw this and started crying.

thank you dear, sweet, Stef!

besos to you, and EVERYTHING crossed for happy doubling numbers!

Shelli said...

she has decided to parent.

and I hate blog spam

cat said...

Ugh... blog spam is so annoying. You can delete them if you wish. How the hell do they find us?

Shelli (((hugs))) my thoughts are with you and you as well Miss. S. ((hugs))