Monday, August 08, 2005

Feeling a bit better today.....

I had a hormonal mini-meltdown last night, what with the pain of the migraine and stress.....

I called Dr. Vest's office this morning, and spoke with Nursey P about the suppositories. Apparently, seeing blood on the applicator is a common thing-I guess you're irritating your cervical lining with the progesterone-but, as long as I'm not bleeding or seeing blood in the toilet(which I'm not) it's okay.

So, I felt a bit better about that-at least it's normal, which means that I'm still in the game, for the time being.

I woke up headache-free, but now I'm getting another headache as I type-I'm wondering now if it's due to the weather (it's really humid and it's supposed to rain) and allergies-I haven't taken an allergy pill since last Friday the 29th. It's always in the same area-behind my left eye and radiating down my neck on the same side, which is leading me to believe it's a sinus thing.

There is, however, two new symptoms to obsess over-hunger and nausea. I got up this morning at around 7:30, had breakfast at 8am, then by 11:30 was STARVING, so I made myself a PB&J. Now, I feel slightly queasy. It was like this on Saturday too. I was hungry, had a snack (cheese and Triscuits), then got slightly nauseated and had to lie down. I didn't feel better until later on, after I ate and drank something.


It's 9dp5(6)dt. I have decided that I will refuse to pee on an evil stick until Thursday the 11th. That way, I'll be slightly more emotionally prepared if it's negative. I have sucessfully resisted the urge to take one thus far. That doesn't mean that I DON'T want to do an HPT, it just means that I'm scared shitless to.

4 more days to go, until B(eta)-day. I think that it will be the four longest days of my life.

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