Sunday, August 14, 2005 peeing on anything that's not tied down considered obsessive/compulsive?

Yeah, I'm being a bit (okay, more than a bit) OCD about this, but I'm feeling really anxious.

My ass, by the way, is sore as hell-both cheeks. I've got to give credit where credit is due, however; M certainly knows how to give shots-I really didn't feel them.

And yes, she did "take one for the team" last night with Sexy Josh-and still has the perma-grin to prove it. Heh. Well, at least one of us is still having sex......

I went today to the local Rite-Aid and bought two different brands of tests-an EPT one and the ClearBlue Easy-they both have either a "+" or "-" result (rather than the one or two line ones-I have no patience trying to figure those out). The EPT picks up a minimum level of 40 mlU and the ClearBlue Easy picks up a minimum of 25mlU. The ClearBlue one had a nice, dark "+" in the window; The EPT one also had a "+", but the horizontal line that intersects the "positive" part of the test wasn't as dark as it should have been (the "-" part of the plus sign.). The vertical line was nice and dark, however, so I guess that's good. Unfortunately, I looked online too late and realized that the RiteAid brand HPT has a minimum detection of 50miU-shit, should've bought those.....oh, well.

I took pictures of both tests. Hopefully, if I can get them loaded onto my 'puter I'll try to post them and you can discuss it amongst yourselves. My digital camera is a bit crappy, though, so I'm not sure how they came out.

Beta #2 is tomorrow morning. I'm not feeling any differently, except for the hunger thing, and this weird pulling/cramping feeling "down there". And being bloated, which is always fun.

So, until otherwise proven, I am still Pregnant. It feels so weird to even write that word. Once tomorrow afternoon and Nursey P's call has been made, then I can start to relax.

But, not yet.


Shelli said...

I'm crosisng everything for you guys - one of us has to be given some kindness by the universe, and it's clearly your turn my dear S!

hugs and love,

cat said...

Good luck with the Beta today S. I'm praying that it brings good news and things continue to grow.

vixanne wigg said...

Still rooting for you....(I originally accidentally wrote "still rotting for you" but that does not capture my sentiments.)

S said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......That was friggin' FUNNY, Vix!

Hee hee.....I'm still chuckling over that....