Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Good Day

Today was a good day.

I got up around 9 (holy shit, can't do that anymore, I start school on Friday-ack!), toodled around in my jammies, had my coffee, then went to the outlet malls with a friend and shopped.

Whoever said that retail therapy can't fill the void is full of shit, really. What's really cool about shopping in August/September is that I can go "school shopping" too. See, even teachers can enjoy going back!

So, I got a case for my laptop, a dress for a wedding that we're going to in two weeks, which will go to good use since we have one more wedding in November and Sean's Holiday party, and some shirts, a suede skirt and a pair of pants. This weekend I have to start going through some of my fall/winter clothes and bag up things for charity.


Okay, got that out of the way. Yes, I know I'm being ridiculous, that I'm lucky to have the 10 weeks or so off in the summer, but hey, if you had to see 700 5-10 year-olds for six and a half hours a day, you'd need the summer off, too.

I think that the other reason I don't want to go back is that, for yet another year, I'm going back as someone who isn't pregnant yet. And, I also have to do another round of IVF during the school year, which is going to blow, since I have to do early-morning monitoring and that means that I will be late for work, which also means that I need to sort-of lie to my new principal and tell him that I'm being treated for a "medical condition" and that I might be late for work on some mornings when I'm being monitored. *sigh* It isn't getting easier.

Assuming that I get my period timely, I'll start my Lupron around the second week of October, then get my period around my birthday (oh, joy!) and probably have a retrieval the beginning/middle of November (maybe around NJEA Convention weekend, where we have two days off from school). That is assuming that they don't close the lab around that time for cleaning, which they do four times a year. Urgh.

But, for what it was worth, it was a good day. I'm just gonna go with it, and not worry about the other bullshit, for now. That can wait for another day.


betty said...

Going back to work sucks. I don't mean to rub it in but tommorrow is our last day of term. Yipee. 2 weeks to REST. I'm sure this comment doesn't make you feel any better so I'll stop my teasing.
I agree that shopping fills the void though so go for it, you deserve it!

cat said...

Retail therapy rocks. So does salon therapy! :) Wishing you many good days.