Friday, August 05, 2005


I figured out why I can't see my graphics on my blog.

It's because the person, who was hosting the images, decided to take them down and now is requesting that whoever has the layout host them on their own. Since I have NO idea how the hell to do this , I guess I'm changing my template again.

Sigh. I wish that I were more literate in HTML and CSS, or I'd make my own layout. I was on Blogskins looking around, and I can't find anything appropriately cynical for my taste.

Poor me.

I just hope that the disappearance of my bubbles (embies) isn't a sign of bad things to come.....

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty good. We're up to 6dp5(6)dt. Exactly seven days until B day.

Waiting sucks.

1 comment:

cat said...

I can still see your blog design.

7 days and counting but it's very late so... 6 days and counting. :)