Friday, August 12, 2005

Mixed Blessings

Nursey P called around 6pm with my beta results, and they weren't what I expected.

It's positive.

But, my progesterone and beta levels were lower than expected. My progesterone was at 11.6 (should be around 20 by now) and my beta was at 38.1 (should be at around 100). Nursey P told me that "it's positive, but don't do a dance yet". She wants me to continue the Baby Bullets twice a day, and add 1cc of PIO to that every night (the dreaded ass-shot) for the rest of the weekend, then I have to do another beta/progesterone test on Monday so they can see if the levels went up. If they did, then great. If not, then it's probably a chemical pregnancy.

WHY ME!? Why now, after three years and I FINALLY get a positive pregnancy test, do I still have to go through shit? Why can't I have an easy time of it?

Anyone know if, with these numbers, I can still have a viable pregnancy, or am I just fucked?

Please God, let this stick. Don't show me the world, then take it all away from me. I don't think that I could survive that right now.


Shelli said...

the number does not matter, it's HOW it doubles.

In layman's terms, how many DPO are you?

And YES, it can be a viable pregnancy.

This is awesome news dear!

vixanne wigg said...

I hope this works out. I am really pulling for you...will be checking back to see how things go.